Enlightenment: The best way to Transcend the Moi

"That which you
suppose on your own for being
is not really in fact a factor,
but an motion.
It is the motion
holding on.
In each individual minute,
you're unconsciously
Keeping on to an concept
of who you will be.
And Though
this concept of who you might be
is consistently shifting
moment to minute,
the action of holding
on continues to be precisely the same,
giving you the feeling
that there's a 'you'
relocating seksi donji ves in time,
switching donji ves marke and remodeling,
learning and increasing.
But if you turn into aware
of this motion of holding on
and in many cases for this second
Permit go of this motion of Keeping,
You then tumble into this second
and find out very Plainly,
beyond the intellect
that almost everything is arising
by alone,
eternally fresh new and new
out of this minute.
You progress over and above The reasoning
of this you transferring linear in time
and experience
aware radiance,
not as anyone
but as aware radiance by itself.
You realize
your organic point out of peace
exactly seksi donji ves where there is absolutely no such point
as strain.

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